Recognition of Saint Stephen’s as one of the most respected independent, college-preparatory schools in the nation is a byproduct of the expertise and dedication of our talented administration, faculty and staff.


As a Saint Stephen’s colleague, you are an integral part of a team that provides a full range of experiences for students in an environment defined by a commitment to quality, caring, collaboration and mutual respect.

  • Keep the Library Director informed of library programs, policies, and activities within his/her area of responsibility through meetings and periodic evaluations of the library programs, materials, and equipment.
  • Design and implement the library media course of study for students ranging from age three through grade six.
  • Foster a climate that will encourage students and teachers to take full advantage of the library and its resources by communicating effectively with students, faculty, and parents.
  • Continue to develop the library program, working cooperatively with the Library Director, the Director of Technology, the Lower and Intermediate School division directors, and grade-level teachers.
  • Work on committees and instructional groups as necessary and complete other school-related duties as assigned.
  • Cooperate with other local school libraries and public library systems.
  • Continue to acquire knowledge through training, academic courses, and membership in professional organizations.
  • Assist with the selection and evaluation of library personnel at the Director of Technology's discretion.

Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Select and maintain all print and electronic materials necessary for a viable library collection.
  • Label and administer Fountas and Pinnell books and offer student literacy assessments.
  • Train all library aides and volunteers in the areas for which they will be responsible.
  • Administer the budget of the Campus Center Library.
  • Develop and evaluate the scope and sequence of the library program.
  • Design functional library arrangements and displays.

Educational Responsibilities:

  • Teach appropriate use of library resources through weekly library classes.
  • Offer reference services to students and faculty.
  • Model a love of reading and lead the Sunshine Readers’ group and Battle of the Books competition.
  • Manage a collection of print and electronic materials appropriate to the educational program and student needs.
  • Provide materials for faculty professional development.
  • Serve as resource consultant on curriculum to provide coordinated and cooperative student programming.

Technical Responsibilities:

  • Teach weekly lower school technology classes and a twice-a-week 6th grade technology elective.
  • Establish efficient acquisition and processing procedures using the Follett Destiny catalog system.
  • Manage the MISBO Overdrive electronic book collection records.
  • Compile essential records and statistics of library operations.
  • Assure easy access to an up-to-date print and electronic collection.
  • Demonstrate competency using various technological devices and software programs.
  • Provide basic technical support for student and teacher questions.

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