iPad Initiative

Students engaged in iPad initiativeThe focus of the initiative is to provide easy access to the tools and resources that well equipped 21st Century Learners need to have in their toolkits in order to effectively engage in the fast-paced, quickly evolving landscape of today's education. It provides students access to organization and productivity tools, supplemental resources specific to their classes, and textbooks in digital format. Students in the Lower school have age-appropriate learning opportunities using the School’s class sets of iPads. 



We also recommend that you purchase AppleCare+ Support from Apple when you purchase your iPad. When your purchase the iPad, you will receive one year of limited coverage for free, but AppleCare+ support extends the length of support to two years of coverage and provides support/repair for up to two incidents of accidental damage to the iPad with a small handling fee. This will ensure your device is covered by Apple for any hardware-related failures or damage.  As an additional safeguard against damage to your iPad, we strongly recommend purchasing a sturdy case. In order to help track down iPads when they get lost or misplaced we encourage students to label their iPads with their name.


Our world-class academic program, our outstanding teachers, and our supportive community remain central to the student experience. We are proud to have incorporated this compelling enhancement to our outstanding program.

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