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We strive to maintain an affordable yet appropriate tuition structure and appreciate the financial commitment our parents make to send their student(s) to Saint Stephen's. Three different payment plans are currently offered in order to provide flexibility and choice for our families as they budget. We also encourage all interested applicants, regardless of financial status, to explore the various tuition assistance information and affordability options offered. To supplement tuition payments made by our families, nearly $1.4-million in financial aid was made available to qualified students during the 2016-17 school year,

Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST)

In order to allocate resources wisely and fairly, Saint Stephen’s uses the online Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST) service as the standard submission format and processor for all tuition assistance applications.


FAST does not decide whether tuition assistance will be given or how much will be given; rather, FAST provides a need-based financial aid analysis service, which includes a recommendation of what a family should reasonably contribute toward tuition. All information from FAST is confidential. Because need is assessed annually, a new FAST application must be submitted each year.


Apply for private school financial aid through FAST


How to apply through FAST:
Please provide a complete copy of your current year’s tax return(s), including W-2s and all schedules, directly to: FAST Processing, ISM • 1316 North Union Street • Wilmington, DE 19806-2594


Be sure to include Saint Stephen’s name on the outside of the envelope to ensure faster processing of your application. Mailing envelopes are available in the Business Office.


If there are any special circumstances of which the School’s Tuition Assistance Committee should be aware, you may explain these circumstances on the FAST application. Saint Stephen’s Tuition Assistance Committee will review the completed FAST application and any related information and determine awards at the beginning of April.

Alternative Financial Assistance


Apply for private school financial aid through SallieMaeIn addition to financial aid available from the School, there may be loan options available through Your Tuition Solution and Sallie Mae, independent financial services companies offering education loans. Please visit their web sites for more information. While these programs are available to students and families of all grade levels, we recommend that they be used judiciously, and primarily for our Middle and Upper School families.

Apply for private school financial aid through Your Tuition SolutionIt is important to note that funds are limited, and Saint Stephen’s may not be able to accommodate all applicants for tuition assistance. Scholarship information is updated throughout the year as opportunities become available. Please check back or contact the Admissions Office for the most current opportunities.

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The Value of a
Saint Stephen's Education

The value of a strong education for the engaged, eager student stretches well beyond the years our students spend here. Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School offers a comprehensive, world-class education to students of all ethnicities and faiths, making all admissions decisions without regard to financial status. We seek to provide all students motivated toward achievement and enrichment the chance to share in the educational opportunity we provide. Socio-economic diversity is a priority and we provide some financial assistance within our community to those who demonstrate need. In making award decisions, Saint Stephen’s considers the following:

  • The primary responsibility for financing a student’s education rests with the family.
  • Both parents are expected to contribute to the cost of their child’s education. In the case of divorce or separation, we require both parents to file an application for financial assistance.
  • Families should take into account the cost of their child’s education before elective expenses.
  • Contribution of parents’ time, talents, or resources to the school community.

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