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Performing Arts Center: A Multi-Purpose Space


Students playing violin


The addition of the performing arts center at Saint Stephen’s will facilitate the further evolution of a number of programs, creating a stronger balance of opportunities for students. Front and center is the performing arts department, which has staged memorable shows for years in a gymnasium, while parents sat on bleachers and listened to lines and music delivered in acoustic conditions that were less than conducive to clear, effective communication! Theater and music performances are not only important in developing students’ appreciation for the arts, but participation in these areas is also critical to their behavioral and cognitive development.


Seating up to 850 people for auditorium-style events, and up to 400 for sit-down dinners, the performing arts center will be a perfect venue for community events:

  • Speaker Series
  • Political forums/debates
  • Community theater
  • Artists in Residence
  • Childrens’ theater
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Awards ceremonies
  • and much more!


The Performing Arts Center will be located on 41 st St W, south west from the Campus Center:

Location of Performing Arts Center

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