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The Saint’s Fund Annual Campaign

The Saint’s Fund at Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School represents a critical part of the annual revenues needed to cover the full cost of educating our students. At Saint Stephen’s, our fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30 and is designed to directly support the “value-added” features of the annual program our students and teachers enjoy each academic year. As is the tradition with most independent school financial models, tuition revenues are budgeted to cover core academic programs, faculty salaries and benefits, building maintenance and upkeep, and other day to day operational needs of the School. These expenses, though comprehensive in scope, do not cover the full cost of educating each student at the highest level of excellence as is expected at Saint Stephen’s. Our families make the choice to attend Saint Stephen’s for its vibrant programs and special opportunities that go beyond this core curriculum . . . the cost of these “value-added” options and offerings are covered each year by Saint’s Fund monies. 

The Saint’s Fund 2017-18 All In theme is the guiding principle of philanthropy throughout our school community meant to encourage each current family to experience full participation in the events and fundraising efforts on behalf of our students and faculty. Making a gift each year to the Saint’s Fund is central to being ALL IN for our children.  As we look to build upon last year’s 72% mark of current parent participation, we will be announcing a special Day of Giving on November 14, 2017, this year’s National Philanthropy Day.  On this day we plan to have grade level challenges, matching gifts, and boundless levels of communal energy reaching outward to our other constituencies to have them join us as we compete within our community to raise the most funds possible to support this important fund. 


Whether you are a current parent, a past parent, a grandparent, an alumnus, or simply a friend of the School, you have a direct connection to this year’s Saint’s Fund. Indeed, each constituency in the community at one point enjoyed the fruits of the Saint’s Fund experience! The success of each generation has always been supported by those who have gone before. So make your gift today, whether you are supporting your child, your grandchild, or are simply “paying it forward” so that this current generation of teachers and children can experience the same success that you and/or your children enjoyed while at Saint Stephen’s. 

Go All In today to support our children and faculty!

James McDaniel
Director of Development
Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is The Saint’s Fund?

A. The Saint’s Fund is Saint Stephen’s annual giving campaign.   The mission of The Saint’s Fund is to provide the critical margin  of  excellence  that enables Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School to offer  the  exceptional experiences  that help our students reach their full  potential. National Association of  Independent Schools (NAIS)  standards  recommend annual campaigns  raise 10% of a school’s  budget revenue.


Q. Why does the school ask for a contribution in addition to my tuition payment?

A. An independent school education is an investment and an opportunity to be fully involved in your student’s campus experience. Saint Stephen’s strives to make tuition competitive but also affordable. Because tuition does not cover the full cost of a Saint Stephen’s education, the school relies on contributions from a variety of donors. The size of these gifts may vary, but all gifts are important.  Although tuition is not tax-deductible, contributions to The Saint’s Fund may be eligible for deduction from your taxes.


Q. Why doesn’t Saint Stephen’s raise tuition to cover all operating expenses?

A. Tuition must be competitive with comparable area schools. Raising tuition significantly above that competitive level may discourage qualified students from applying, which hurts the whole community. Saint Stephen’s has the responsibility to seek additional revenue from donations and other sources such as corporate gifts and foundation grants in order to maintain a reasonable tuition structure.


Q. Why does the school want 100% participation  in The Saint’s Fund?

A. Each year, 100% of the faculty/staff and Board of Trustees make a gift to The Saint’s Fund. When 100% of parents, alumni, grandparents, and friends of Saint Stephen’s also make a gift to The Saint’s Fund, it affirms their commitment to the school and the importance they place on investing in each student’s education. 100% participation in The Saint’s Fund also helps Saint Stephen’s procure grant funding. One of the critical measures for receiving grant funding is the participation rate in the school’s annual giving campaign; strong participation strengthens our position to receive the grant award


Q. What is the “Family of Funds” and how is it different from The Saint’s Fund?

A. The new Family of Funds is a subset of The Saint’s Fund. We believe you want to know exactly what your gifts accomplish and how they will be directed to the school’s expenses. The Family of Funds provides the opportunity to match your personal philanthropic preferences to Saint Stephen’s operating budget.  When you make a gift to The Saint’s Fund, you will have the opportunity to direct that gift to one of six funds in the Family of Funds:

  • Academic Programs Fund
  • Physical Education & Athletics Fund
  • Faculty Fund
  • Fine Arts Fund
  • Technology Fund
  • Area of Most Need Fund


Q. Can I designate the specific item I want my money to cover when I donate to The Saint’s Fund?

A. The Family of Funds was created so you can direct your investment to a specific area of need. The dollars within these funds will be used for budget items/programs identified by the school’s administration.  *If you would like to fund a specific project, please contact the Development Office to discuss the possibilities.


Q. Why does the school include the disclaimer, “The fund areas above support Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School’s operating budget. The Board of Trustees retains the discretion to use the funds to support the school’s general operating expenses should contributions received for a particular fund exceed the expenditure limits approved by the board for each area”?

A. Saint Stephen’s honors donor intent. We do not, however, want to create a situation where one program is “over-funded” and another does not have the funds to operate successfully. The Board of Trustees is responsible for financial governance of the school, and will make necessary adjustments, should the situation arise, to ensure that all general operations and program areas are covered properly

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