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Dear Members of the Water is Life Conference,

The COVID-19 pandemic is a world disrupting event that has changed lives. We grieve with those of you who have suffered because of this illness. We are deeply sad for those who have lost lives, loved ones, jobs and security during these difficult times. We also mourn the loss of your fellowship during Water is Life 2020. We had wonderful events planned and looked forward to learning so much from each of you. You are deeply missed here in Florida.

The good news is that there is still much to celebrate. Our speakers and partners have reached out with creative ways to connect with us all. Some schools have been able to continue to work on their research reports. The reports are welcome at any time - if you can finish it, we want to publish your work and share your information with our Water is Life community. Our international panel of judges are looking forward to providing feedback on your hard work. Keep checking back to our website, www.waterislife2020.us, as there will be continuous updates.

We celebrate you, your research, your commitment to global connectiveness, your sense of adventure and your dedication to the water on our planet. You are the leaders of tomorrow. We applaud your willingness to explore ways to connect with other young people who are ready to learn from the past and prepare for the future. Well done. Don’t stop. We need you now more than ever.

Ann Marie Shields, Jan Pullen, & Jennifer Hambrick
Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School

Water is life team photoFrom the Saint Stephens team to our global peers we would like to thank you for your time put into your project for Water Is Life. Hosting the Water is Life conference for 2020 was of great pride for us and our community. We were excited to collaborate on global water issues and resolutions offered by the Water is Life movement. We looked forward to meeting each of you in person and to showing you our home surrounded by water. There are still many ways for us to connect virtually! We intend to share our project and hope to see your own contributions to the conference from your teams. Even the smallest contribution can make a difference in healthy water for all life. We know that you will achieve that in your own communities just as you would have while visiting us in Florida.

We are eager to accommodate our situation and find new ways to connect!

Brock Gay, Sofia Sanchez, Taylor Vara, & Alex Winterhalter

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Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School is in Bradenton, Florida, a small city located on the Gulf of Mexico coast of Florida in the USA. We are an independent school with 700 students from ages 3-19. Our 35 acre campus will serve as the perfect setting for a world class gathering of international student researchers and learners for Water is Life 2020