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The Water is Life biennial conference is designed to nurture future young leaders for the effective stewardship of water resources through international cooperation, in line with resolution 65/154 adopted by the UN General Assembly during the International Year of Water Cooperation, 2013.

Conference Water is Life
Dates Unconference via website June - December 2020
Host School Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School
Bradenton, Florida, USA
Participation By invitation from Water is Life Association
Student Age 16-19 years old


Conference Focus


In a world characterized by climate change and increased global inter-connectedness, the local and global challenges in water management are increasingly complex.  We need to prepare for the future by developing in our youth the knowledge and leadership necessary to manage and overcome these challenges. This conference aims to bring bright young students from different countries together in a meeting of hearts and minds. It seeks to plant the seeds of friendship and dialogue, instill awareness on the issues of water management and develop scientific, diplomatic and leadership skills in young participants.