Saint Stephen’s Epsicopal School employs two full time certified athletic trainers and two certified strength and conditioning specialists.

Athletic Training

Our athletic trainers specialize in the management and provision of care of injuries to a physically active person as defined in the state practice act with the direction of a licensed physician; including rendering of emergency care, development of injury prevention programs and providing appropriate preventative and devices for the physically active person.

Assessment, management, treatment, rehabilitation, and reconditioning of the physically active person whose conditions are within the professional preparation and education of the athletic trainer.

Strength & Conditioning

Saint Stephen’s strength and conditioning program has three major goals for our student-athletes:

By designing training plans according to sound scientific principles, the incidence and severity of sports-related injuries are minimized or offset. Student-athletes who invest time into strength and conditioning will improve their athletic performance by moving more efficiently, developing more power, strength, speed, and agility. They will have increased confidence and physical literacy that they will carry with them for their lifetime.