Dr. Janet PullenWhen new families and visitors come to the campus for a tour, their first comment to me is rarely anything about the academic excellence that permeates the school environment. Instead, they typically comment on the “special feeling” they get when they’re here.

Although they’ve come to Saint Stephen’s to view the students in the school’s state-of-the-art classrooms, to learn about our internationally recognized curriculum, and to see enthusiastic teachers in action, it’s the smiles on the faces and the friendly attitude that truly catch their eye. After watching our students run and play together on the playground, they always tell me how much they enjoy seeing happy children. When passing older students, they note that doors are held open and the students make eye contact and say “hello” – something our children do without thinking.

No matter when you walk on the Saint Stephen’s campus, there is a positive energy. You’ll find teachers engaged in conversations with their students, sharing their passion for the subject they teach. When I talk with parents on the playground after school, I ask why they are still here, and the answer is always the same: their children do not want to go home — they love it at Saint Stephen’s! And when I hear discussions among administrators, teachers and students, I know that the emphasis on how we approach all that we do begins with kindness and care.

Although we are best known for our excellence in the classroom, and now success on the sports fields, we are truly proud of the meaningful characteristics within those who make up our community. They set the tone for the environment, define our culture, and add to the reason why our students are so successful. I hope you will get a flavor of that special Saint Stephen’s feeling as you browse through this website and realize how important it is that a school not only focuses on the rigor of academics, but also on kindness and care to help our students be the best they can be.

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Dr. Jan Pullen
Head of School