Peter KraftDear Friends:

Greetings from Saint Stephen’s! From the moment I first walked through SSES’s gates, I had the same feeling as I do today: this is a place where all are welcomed.

Saint Stephen’s was founded on a promise: “that every child will be known and every child will be valued.” This does not happen by accident. Teachers work hard to learn each student’s strengths, their areas for growth, and what brings them joy. In this way, Saint Stephen’s is deeply relational, premised on the core belief that a love of learning and a fundamental sense of integrity stem from students being seen and feeling encouraged to stretch themselves academically, athletically, and artistically.

Saint Stephen’s also believes in balance. While our commitment to academic excellence and a world-class preparation for college means that students will be challenged in ways they have never been before, we never forget learning should be enjoyable. With special traditions like Cookie Break, the Halloween Hootenanny, Interim Quest (IQ), and the Blessing of the Animals, we know that students need a chance to slow down and just enjoy being kids.

Finally, Saint Stephen’s is dynamic. From our state-of-the-art Marine Science Center to our robust global programming to our best-in-state Athletics and Arts programs, there is something for everyone here. Our students are all-state athletes, champion Model UN participants, award-winning playwrights, accomplished classicists, world travelers, and community volunteers. They also care deeply about each other and the world around them.

So come visit us and see for yourself what makes Saint Stephen’s such a wonderful place; you are welcome here!


Peter A. Kraft
Head of School