strategic plan | 2023-2025

Mission, Vision, Promise

The Strategic Planning Process & Purpose

The Saint Stephen’s strategic planning process was guided by the Long Range Planning Committee of the Board of Trustees and our Head of School, with input from faculty, staff, parents, students and alumni. These different perspectives were obtained through focus groups, surveys and small group discussions and contributed to the development of this three-year plan.

This 2023-2025 strategic plan identifies and outlines the four key goals and supporting strategies designed to further the success of Saint Stephen’s over the next three years.

I. Maintain Academic Excellence While Enhancing the Student Experience

  1. Maintain commitment to academic excellence while nurturing the whole child.

  2. Cultivate a culture of innovation with Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M.) educational opportunities, including completion of the S.T.E.A.M. Center.

  3. Provide innovative opportunities for students to apply classroom learning to real world situations to gain additional knowledge and understanding outside of the classroom.

  4. Promote and support student health and wellness, in mind, body and spirit, by developing and implementing programs, policies, procedures, and resources.

  5. Foster academic confidence for all students in their coursework through opportunities in the classroom and/or the Center for Academic Success.

II. Attract, Develop, and Retain World-Class Faculty and Staff

  1. Provide competitive compensation and benefits to faculty and staff.

  2. Continue to provide professional growth and development opportunities for faculty and staff through advancement, education, and recognition.

  3. Continue to expand and strengthen global connections to create unique experiences and opportunities for the faculty and staff.

  4. Promote the overall well-being of faculty and staff by developing and implementing mental, wellness, and health policies, procedures, and resources.

  5. Continue building a faculty, staff, and administration with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences through recruiting, hiring, and retention best practices.

III. Strengthen the Unique Culture and Community Involvement of SSES

  1. Develop a strong cultural competency and an understanding of how diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives can enrich our dialogues and create meaningful interactions across our community.

  2. Uphold the pillars of Episcopal identity through faith, spiritual education, worship, and opportunities for pastoral care by focusing on inclusion, understanding, compassion, personal character, and ethics.

  3. Continue cultivating a culture of philanthropy through a shared responsibility for development, building strong donor relationships, and looking for ways to bring the entire community together to engage with the mission in authentic and meaningful ways.

  4. Focus on retention of our current school community by ensuring we keep our School Promise: Every child will be known, and every child will be valued.

  5. Re-engage the school community through increased inperson gatherings and cross-divisional activities designed to strengthen school pride, involvement, culture, and opportunities for outreach and service.

IV. Ensure Long-Term Institutional Sustainability

  1. Continue to develop and implement campus improvements and facilities as indicated on the latest Saint Stephen’s Master Site Plan.

  2. Preserve overall financial stability of the school while growing the endowment.

  3. Ensure that Board governance and school operations continue adhering to best practices and procedures.

  4. Ensure a smooth transition for all changes in executive level positions within the school, including, but not limited to, the Head of School, Division Directors, and the Chief Financial Officer.

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