The Saint Stephen’s lunch program offers an a-la-carte selection of food from great local restaurants, providing a wide variety of choices and high-quality meals. All students at Saint Stephen’s have the option to bring their lunch or pre-order from EZSchoolLunch, an online lunch order program. A link to the lunch order system, instruction, and volunteer signup is accessed through SSESonline – the school’s intranet. The lunchroom does not accept cash and we encourage families to establish a lunch account for their student(s) with a minimal balance for emergencies. In the unlikely event that a student forgets a lunch, one is provided and charged to their account. Students are not allowed to purchase food if they have a negative balance of $25 or more. Lunch orders must be received by 8 a.m. the prior working day. Middle School students may purchase snacks and drinks during their lunch period. Entrées must be pre-ordered or brought from home. Upper School students have the option to purchase snacks and drinks at morning break, as well as entrées at lunch, although there is a limited supply available. We encourage Upper School students to pre-order in order to ensure that they have a lunch. The lunchroom is run by parent volunteers. Volunteering in the lunchroom is a great opportunity to connect with other parents and students.