Admission Process

The process of admission is designed specifically to ensure the future success of your student at Saint Stephen’s. It’s very important that our campus culture and academic curriculum are a good fit with your child’s developmental and academic preparation. This match will ultimately contribute to a rewarding and successful experience for your family.

Saint Stephen’s Tour
Once you make your initial inquiry (click CONTACT ADMISSIONS), we will invite you for a tour as the first step in the admissions process.  This allows you to see for yourself what makes Saint Stephen’s one of the nation’s top independent, college preparatory schools. All first-time visitors will need to present an ID card or driver's license.

Submission of an admissions application (click APPLY ONLINE) and the appropriate documentation is next. After an application and the application fee have been submitted, the student will be scheduled to spend a day on campus for a shadow visit, which includes an interview with the Division Director and admissions assessments. Once these steps have been completed and all documentation has been received, the student’s file is forwarded to our admissions committee for review before a decision is communicated. June 1 is the age cut off for each grade level at Saint Stephen's.

Early Decision
In order to facilitate the applications of those families for whom Saint Stephen’s is their clear choice, there is an Early Decision process.

To be eligible for Early Decision, students must have completed all parts of the application process–including Shadow Days, assessments, and interviews. A Shadow Day, during which students spend the day at Saint Stephen’s, may be scheduled as early as October.

Once we have received all evaluations, assessments, and documents, the completed application file is sent to the Admissions Committee for review.

Applicants who have been accepted have 10 business days to submit their tuition deposit, which confirms their commitment.

Students who are not accepted during the early acceptance timeframe but who would like to remain candidates for admission will be placed in the wait pool* (please see below for additional information on the wait pool process). Wait pool students will be notified no earlier than February 10.

*Students who are placed in the wait pool are evaluated on the overall strength of their application. If space becomes available in any particular grade, the Admissions Committee reviews the applications of all students in the wait pool before making any offers of admission.

Regular Decision Process
In early February, formal enrollment contracts will be sent out to all accepted and returning students. Those who are currently in the wait pool are still encouraged to remain in the pool, as spots in that grade level may be available. Families who have not yet applied prior to February 1 are also encouraged to apply, as movement occurs throughout the spring and summer that may result in available positions.

All completed applications submitted after February 1 are reviewed by the Admissions Committee regularly. Parent(s)/Legal Guardian(s) of any student accepted after February 1 must submit their tuition deposits and sign the enrollment contracts within 10 business days to secure the student’s seat.

Financial Assistance Process
Saint Stephen’s is an independent, college preparatory school and financial aid is determined through the need-based FAST financial assistance program. This application may be submitted at any time, as it is separate from the admissions application. Financial awards are only communicated if a student is accepted. For those who have a parent who is a first responder, we welcome applications for the First Responder Scholarship in the 8th-grade year.

Documentation / Official Records

Saint Stephen’s requires the following documentation and official records / transcripts in order to fully complete a student’s application and be considered for enrollment.

If accepted, the following items are also required to complete enrollment:

Pre-Kindergarten 3- Kindergarten

Grades 1-3

Grades 4-6

Grades 7-12

Send all written materials to:
Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School
315 41st Street West
Bradenton, FL 34209

FAX:  941.746.1237 or EMAIL:

Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sexual orientation/identity, or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its education or admissions policies, scholarship, athletic or other school-administered programs.

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