With a commitment to support those who keep us safe in our community, Saint Stephen’s provides an annual merit-based Upper School scholarship for an outstanding student whose parent(s) is/are currently employed as a first responder(s) in Florida. The grant covers tuition costs for all four high school years, given that the student maintains eligibility by meeting academic and other requirements.

One (1) full merit-based first responder scholarship is awarded annually. However, Saint Stephen’s may provide tuition assistance to those candidates whose families qualify through its regular need-based financial aid program. All current eighth-grade students who are eligible and interested in the scholarship program are encouraged to apply. By offering this scholarship, we seek to honor the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice these families make in our community. Qualifying positions include firefighters, EMTs, EMS, police officers, sheriff’s deputies, FBI, and FDLE.

To be eligible for consideration, a student must:

After submitting a regular admission file, candidates for the First Responder Scholarship must submit their essays and interview with the Director of Admissions/Enrollment Management and the Director of the Upper School no later than Jan. 31. Candidates must also complete the FAST financial assistance application. Candidates are notified of their status no later than Feb. 7.

To inquire about this program, please contact Chi Klein, Director of Admissions at 746-2121 ext. 1321 or cklein@saintstephens.org