The Center provides professional development and consultative resources to faculty, as well as individualized student support through academic skill development, remediation and enrichment designed to develop engaged, empowered learners.

The school psychologist coordinates the Center and reviews student evaluations and support services (e.g., Individual Education Plans, Section 504 Plans), to determine the need for accommodations within our curriculum. Individual student education plans are created when disabilities are documented. She also works school-wide with students, parents, and faculty to meet the social and emotional needs of our community. Our learning specialists collaborate with faculty and parents to assist students with the demands of a college preparatory curriculum, enhance student independence and promote a positive partnership between school and home. They also work with faculty to develop a deeper understanding of each student’s strengths and challenges. Providing professional development and instructional resources are an integral part of our support services.

Supplemental Language Arts (SLA Program)
SLA is a reading remediation program designed for students in first through fifth grades. Our learning specialist identifies individual student weaknesses and creates a multi-sensory, systematic approach to close the reading gap. Students meet with a learning specialist for 30 minutes daily. 

Structured Study Hall Support
Beginning in sixth grade and available through the Upper School, students may participate in a Structured Study Hall program. Our learning specialists work on the development of student organization, time management, self-advocacy, personal responsibility, test-taking strategies, self-motivation and focus, reading/writing strategies and independent task completion. Support services include classroom observations, on-going consultation with faculty and parents, assessment of learner skills, goal setting, plus small group sessions. Students can also schedule times to meet individually with a learning specialist before school, after school, and during lunch or study halls. Our goal is to help students understand their individual learning profile, take ownership over their educational experience, develop strategies to address academic demands, and self-advocate effectively, enabling them to be successful, independent learners.

Individualized Subject Area Tutoring                       

Community based tutors and faculty members who are not the student’s teacher are available for hire for individual subject area tutoring.  

*All support services are available to students for an additional fee