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Support your private schoolThe Saint Stephen’s culture of philanthropy is a strong and ever-evolving part of the fabric of our school. It is the result of every member of the Falcon community pulling together and supporting the school’s events, committee work, and fundraising efforts. Members of  the advancement team, the Parents’ Association, and the board’s Development and Community Outreach Committee partner to ensure that community-building events, educational programs, and fundraising drives both reach and appeal to community members. The theme of the 2016-17 Saint’s Fund Campaign, All In, speaks directly to this important feature of Saint Stephen’s. 


Making each family’s experience deeper and richer is only a segment of the focus of the advancement team at Saint Stephen’s. Following graduation from the school, there begins a nurturing of those more mature relationships held by past parents, alumni and friends of Saint Stephen’s. The ongoing stewardship of these groups as Saint Stephen’s heads into its 50th Anniversary during the 2020-21 school year knits together the generations of the school, strengthening its fabric in preparation for this momentous celebration of our history.   


Ongoing capital campaigns continue to develop premier programs for the students at Saint Stephen’s. After completing the waterfront project that included the opening of a spectacular, new Marine Science Center and crew facility on the campus’ McLewis Bayou during February 2016, the School has made initial announcement of an impending Performing Arts Building project. More detailed information of this exciting undertaking will be released along with commencement of preliminary fundraising efforts during the spring of 2017.


Thank you for visiting our Support Saint Stephen’s page. We hope that you will support the efforts of Saint Stephen’s in its mission to educate its students in a community rooted in the values and morals of the Episcopal Church within its tolerant, global, multi-faith community.

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