Students visiting Shibuya Junior & Senior High

Saint Stephen’s relationship with Holy Trinity Episcopal School started in 2011 thanks to a connection with the Episcopal Dioceses of Honduras. For the past seven years, Saint Stephen’s students – primarily in the Lower and Intermediate schools – have shared regular Skype lessons with their counterparts from Holy Trinity. One of 10 bilingual schools in the Le Ceiba School District, Holy Trinity Episcopal School is home to approximately 230 students. It was founded in 1960 and functioned as an elementary school for close to 50 years. Middle and high schools were added in the past decade and the first graduating class of 11 students matriculated in 2011. The first exchange between our schools came in 2017, when students from Holy Trinity spent a week living in the homes of Saint Stephen’s host families and experiencing campus life at SSES. The relationship is unique in that Holy Trinity typically brings a group of younger students (grades 3-8) during their visits to Bradenton.