If you love Saint Stephen’s, then you’ll definitely want your own copy of this incredible book that tells the story of the school’s first five decades. It’s not the black-and-white, chronological history that publications such as this can sometimes become. We didn’t want to create a textbook. It simply wouldn’t do justice to a school that is defined by its energy and vibrance. Our intent is to pay homage to all of the people and events that have filled the Saint Stephen’s timeline and helped it become what it is today – an institution of local renown and one of the top college preparatory schools in the nation.

From its humble beginning in 1970 through its emergence, the Saint Stephen’s story was pieced together from newsletters, yearbooks, old newspaper articles, minutes of important meetings and – most importantly – the memories of those who lived through those experiences. The book is broken into three sections; three eras of leadership that set the pace for the first 50 years. Within each of these sections, you’ll find a series of vignettes that serve to illustrate key elements of the school’s life at that time. These stories are filled with little-known facts, personal anecdotes, and memories that will make you think, smile, and appreciate how far SSES has come in such a short time.

The hard-cover, coffee table book is an amazing keepsake and display piece. It is beautifully designed in 132 full-color pages, filled with eye-catching professional photography. The publication was produced completely in-house through several years of research by the staff of the Saint Stephen’s Advancement Department.