Saint Stephen’s promises that every student will be known and every student will be valued.

At the heart of each decision at Saint Stephen’s is our school promise, and in living this promise daily, we’re able to support our students in their disappointments, as well as celebrate their successes.

Noted psychologist, author and college professor Adam Grant writes, “Top schools create opportunities for teachers to specialize in their students – not only their subjects. Deeper relationships unlock hidden potential,” and Saint Stephen’s teachers do this by prioritizing individual connections with students at every grade level. The psychological safety created through these accepting and supportive relationships allows our students to discover and explore their passions – whether it’s in a computer lab, an art studio, an athletic field, on a marine science field study in local waters, or a trip abroad.

The unique structure of SSES makes this possible. Small class sizes mean our teachers have the time to devote individual attention to their students and the ability to connect with them on a more personal level. Our four academic division design, highlighted by the separate and distinctive Intermediate School for students in grades four through six, provides an even more intimate opportunity for students interact with their teachers and peers. It also creates additional chances for them to develop as leaders.

While many other schools are growing at a rate that makes it difficult for faculty and staff to keep pace, our careful enrollment management ensures that we are able to maintain the traits that have defined Saint Stephen’s for more than 50 years, making it a place where students are eager to come each day.