Strategic Plan

Strategies for Excellence 2012-2017

Our “Strategies for Excellence” is a working document that defines long-term strategies, plans, benchmarks, costs and analyses that are tied directly to our Strategic Goals for 2012-2017. The Board of Trustees through its Long-Range Planning Committee is responsible for establishing the Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School Strategic Goals. The School Administration is responsible for developing and implementing our Strategic Plan under the direction and oversight of the Board.


The following are the School Administration goals & strategies:

Goal 1

Build an academic reputation competitive with the top independent schools

  • Maintain robust college admissions
  • Assess alumni success in college and later life
  • Implement programs to support and develop reading, writing and math skills as assessed by standardized testing
  • Acknowledge the importance of world-class instructional faculty and develop programs to attract strong teachers
  • Implement strategies to support current teachers in their professional development
  • Facilitate an environment that encourages nurturing relationships between students and faculty
  • Develop a robust Post Graduate (PG) program
  • Attract and retain talented students

Goal 2

Maintain and enhance our student culture and carry out the Mission Statement of the School

  • Discover and understand the current student culture
  • Develop ways to enhance student culture
  • Empower student leadership and responsibility in service to the School

Goal 3

Build upon and broaden the strengths of our global education program

  • Connect select classrooms with schools in other countries that relate to the course of study
  • Broaden the study of modern languages so that students become fluent
  • Facilitate opportunities for our students to engage in academic studies in other countries and for students from other countries to study at Saint Stephen’s
  • Use technology to enhance learning in the global education program
  • Provide opportunities for our faculty to participate in teacher exchange programs

Goal 4

Strengthen the athletic program to engage the students and the school community in a competitive program which is consistent with the School’s Mission Statement and values

  • Develop a premier physical education program in grades PK-8
  • Increase participation and pursue competitive excellence in our athletic department
  • Build new sports fields and a gymnasium that make efficient,effective and equitable use of our resources
  • Integrate physical education and athletics into the life of the School
  • Maintain and update current athletic facilities

Goal 5

Continue to attract and retain superior faculty and staff

  • Provide competitive salaries and benefits
  • Provide professional development opportunities
  • Encourage a creative and collaborative environment
  • Provide state-of-the-art facilities

Goal 6

Use technology as a core educational advantage to enhance learning and internal efficiency

  • Integrate meaningful technology throughout the curriculum
  • Provide professional development training of faculty and staff
  • Purchase equipment, i.e. iPads, document cameras, software, etc.
  • Upgrade internal systems (infrastructure, phone system, PA system)

The following are the Board goals & strategies:

Goal 1

Create long-term financial stability

  • Increase total enrollment to our strategically identified optimal target
  • Develop Vision 2020 Plan
  • Develop a strategic tuition policy
  • Develop a culture of philanthropy
  • Build an endowment which significantly reduces our dependence on tuition

Goal 2

Promote a culture of governance and leadership

  • Continuously engage in strategic planning and plan implementation
  • Carry out the Mission Statement and Vision of the School
  • Be accountable and transparent

Goal 3

Build a community of parental and alumni engagement, volunteerism and support

  • Educate constituents on philanthropy in independent schools
  • Continue support of the Saint’s Fund
  • Strengthen parent relations
  • Continue support of the Community Thrift Shop
  • Strengthen alumni communications and relationships
  • Educate students on the value and responsibilities of being an alumnus/alumna


Strategies for Sustainability Vision 2020

During the 2011-2012 school year, the Board of Trustees adopted its current Strategic Plan, Strategies for Excellence 2012-2017. Although the Strategic Plan is an effective tool for communicating the School’s Vision and Mission, the Board of Trustees felt the need to create a long-range vision for Saint Stephen’s that would be broader in scope and more far-reaching than even the five-year Strategic Plan. This project is named Strategies for Sustainability, Vision 2020.


  1. School Finances
  • Using the 2012-17 Strategic Plan as a framework, continue to
    develop yearly enrollment projections for each grade level to
    determine long-term projected tuition revenue through 2020.
    Be mindful of the cost of living increases in relation to affordability.
  • Continue to build a culture of philanthropy within our school families. Eliminate the need to use the Saint’s Fund for current operations.
  • Develop a plan to raise Endowment funds for financial assistance, scholarship, building maintenance, special projects and
    faculty chairs.
  • Create a purchase plan for curriculum and athletic needs.
  • Develop a competitive salary plan to ensure the School has the ability to retain and hire quality teachers.
  1. Marketing and Enrollment
  • With the expansive growth in the Lakewood Ranch community and the contiguous neighborhoods east of 1-75, create a long-range plan to have a greater Saint Stephen’s presence in those areas.
  • Communicate the uniqueness and values of Saint Stephen’s to
    prospective families and the community through a strong,
    effective marketing plan.
  • Develop a long-term enrollment plan that optimizes student
    enrollment by grade.
  1. Core Principles and Value
  • Reaffirm a commitment to the traditional strengths and values of Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School.
  • Continue to review the School’s Mission Statement to determine whether or not it reflects the direction of the School.
  1. Professional Development of Faculty and Curriculum Development
  • Maintain a standard of teaching excellence by developing a
    strategic plan for each division/department in the School to ensure continued financial support to provide professional development opportunities for all faculty.
  • Develop distributive leadership models and collaborative practices to empower administrators and teachers to enrich teaching
    interaction and teaching methods.
  • Maintain a commitment to NAIS Best Practices for teaching.
  • Continue to make research-based curriculum decisions.
  • Continue to develop a technology plan for incorporating technology into teaching and learning practices.
  1. School Facilities and Environmental Responsibility
  • Develop a thorough maintenance plan for the upkeep of the facilities.
  • Continue to carry out the School’s overall Master Site Plan
    to complete the marine science wetlab, a gymnasium and
    performance auditorium.
  • Develop the Board’s Environmental Policy to ensure the School’s commitment to be a “green” environment. Incorporate environmental sustainability into the School’s curriculum so as to teach the
    students the importance of environmental change, human interaction with the earth and how to be good stewards of this earth.
  1. Creative Programs and Partnerships
  • Continue to evaluate partnership opportunities with outside
    educational institutions and athletic organizations in order to
    enhance the School’s academic and athletic excellence.
  • Further develop programs such as post-graduate, online learning, ESL and unique summer programs.
  1. Board Leadership and Governance
  • Conduct a yearly review of the School’s Mission Statement to
    ensure it reflects the philosophy and program offerings of the School as the School grows and changes.
  • Continue to identify prospective members to serve on the Board who bring diverse skill sets to the Board, who represent different affiliations of the school community/community-at-large and who can support the projects of the School.
  • Continue to develop and implement strategic goals to further the Mission of the School and to maintain financial sustainability.
  • Evaluate the progress made by the Board and the Head of School as related to the strategic goals.
  • Provide the leadership to raise the necessary capital to complete the overall Master Site Plan.