Logan Walters ’00 was an outstanding guest speaker at our February 1, 2018 Brown Bag Luncheon Series: Conversations with Alumni. Logan is a compassionate mental health counselor and psychotherapist who often conducts his sessions for his St. Pete practice outdoors in nature - on boats, kayaks, on challenge courses and while hiking. Logan finds these outdoor experiences foster positive growth and connection. Students and faculty alike who participated in Logan's interactive presentations found them thought-provoking, revealing and just plain fun. 



With Falcon alumni waiting all year for the annual Alumni Soccer Gathering, traditionally held every December on the day after Christmas, this year's game delivered on the fun big-time. No one was want for play time despite the large turnout, with Coach Marc Jones running two games on the turf simultaneously.  Among the many spectators were former Head of School John Howard, Mrs. Howard and daughter/alumna Jen Howard. Amanda Merucci Callahan '01 traveled from VA to play, joined by fellow lady kicker and SSES faculty member Amy Ivin '10. 

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