Center for Academic Success


The Center for Academic Success at Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School offers supplemental academic support and resources to all students. By providing professional development and consultative resources to faculty, as well as individualized student support through academic skill development and enrichment, the goal is to help build engaged, empowered learners. 

The Center for Academic Success is staffed by the school psychologist and learning specialists. The psychologist coordinates the activities of the Center and reviews student evaluations and support services (e.g., Individual Education Plans, Section 504 Plans) to determine the need for support within our curriculum. Individual student education plans are created when disabilities are documented and accommodations are needed. In addition, the psychologist works school-wide with faculty, students, and parents to meet the social and emotional needs of our community.

Learning specialists collaborate with faculty and parents to assist students with the demands of a college preparatory curriculum, enhance student independence, and promote a positive partnership between school and home. They also work closely with faculty to develop a deeper understanding of each student’s strengths and challenges. Providing professional development and instructional resources are an integral part of the Center’s support services.

As the Center for Academic Success develops new programs, it will continue to focus on ways to support the school’s dynamic learning environment, spark new areas of interest, and help in the process of readying students for success in college.

*Note: Fees separate from SSES tuition are charged for the services provided by the Center for Academic Success.


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