Student at Guilin Dezhi Foreign Language School Maurick College is a 7-12 grade school located in Vught, The Netherlands with a strong global education program. Their Director of Global Education, Mr. Huib Schilling, reached out to Saint Stephen’s after a web search indicated to them that Saint Stephen’s had a world class marine science program and a global education footprint similar to theirs. An independent study project coached by Mr. Ad Brouwers at Maurick and Mrs. Ann Marie Shieldsat SSES set about building, launching and monitoring of 2 mini-sailboats through the Educational Passages program. Our Kestrel and their Maurick 1 were built and launched by 2 Maurick students and 1 SSES student in 2017. The Maurick team visited Saint Stephen’s in April 2017 to complete the construction and sea trials of the 2 boats. This initial collaboration led to another joint project with a team of Maurick students visiting SSES in May of 2019 with teacher advisor Mr. John van Heeswijk. Maurick College and Saint Stephen’s are also sponsors and hosts of the international Water is Life Conference which seeks to empower young leaders through research and stewardship of all things water.