Why the iPad

Beyond the operational challenges of security, support and price, the iPad satisfies our school’s technology integration and student performance goals.  Its compact size, portability and design mean that it can be used in any learning situation, unlike traditional laptop and desktop computers.  Another major advantage that the iPad has over traditional laptops, is that its ability to run all day without needing to be recharged and that it can be ready to use in an instant.  Finally and most importantly, the iPad’s level of interactivity and its ability to answer the needs of students with diverse learning styles, will clear the way for more innovative learning opportunities at Saint Stephen’s.  For these reasons the iPad is Saint Stephen’s choice for its 1-to-1 initiative.  How does it help us accomplish all of these things?


iPads using educational appsApps for Education

With iPads, the classroom is always at the students and teachers fingertips with thousands of educational apps available to download.  Students can track their assignments, take notes, and study for finals.    Teachers can give lessons, monitor progress and stay organized.  Just to name a few.



Productivity applications like Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iAnnotate, and many more help students and teachers put together professional-looking documents, presentations, and spreadsheets no matter where they are. They are simple-to-use and its easy to create presentations with stunning animations and effects.


In addtion, iPads are smaller and lighter than a laptop, instant on so there is no wait time for booting up, they have an extended battery life (10 hours of constant use), and there is uniformity that encourages and supports our emphasis on collaborative and project based learning in the classroom.


Students using iPads for learningiBooks

iPad features a vibrant color screen, crisp text, and a Multi-Touch interface that lets you turn pages with the flick of a finger. Simply download the free iBooks app and once you’ve downloaded a book, it appears on your bookshelf. Just tap it to start reading. Easy-to-use tools let you keep your place with bookmarks, highlight text and dates, and make notes. You can also save, read, and print PDFs — great for class handouts, research papers, and more.


iPad with science appNotes

With its expansive display and large, onscreen keyboard, iPad is perfect for taking notes in class.  In landscape view, you see not only a note-taking page but a list of all your notes. iPad even circles the current note in red, so you can see where you are at a glance.


Video Mirroring

With Video mirroring, HDTV’s or LCD Projectors become a bigger version of the iPad in the classroom so students can share and collaborate with other students. Video mirroring makes it possible to teach using educational iPad apps, movies, videos, and more.  iPads are interactive whiteboards in every student’s hands.

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