Upper School


High School Science StudentsWe enjoy a richly diverse student body. While many of our students come from the Manatee-Sarasota area, we celebrate the fact that we have students who hail from around the country and around the world. In our Upper School Commons, you will find flags from twenty-four countries representing our current students.


Regardless of where they come from, our students dedicate themselves to their academic work and are surrounded by others who have accepted the same challenge.


The Upper School offers a diverse curriculum that supports  Advanced Placement classes and honors classes, designed to prepare students for college, give them experience in the major academic disciplines, develop their appreciation of and ability in the arts, and encourage athletic involvement.


Members of the faculty and administration celebrate students’ individual interests and abilities and encourage their growth outside the curriculum.


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High School Journalism Class Publication

The Gauntlet is produced by the Upper School journalism students at Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School. It is advised by their journalism teacher.

The Gauntlet's aim is to inform and entertain its audience in a broad, fair, ethical and accurate manner on all subjects that affect readers. The publication was established to serve as a public forum for the opinions of students, the staff of the paper and the faculty to encourage an exchange of ideas and opinions on issues of prominence to the readers. The Gauntlet strives towards excellence and aims to be a vital part of the school community.

The View
The View - Student Magazine

The View (PDF), a multilingual literary magazine organized by Upper School students and faculty sponsors, features articles written by foreign language students. Representative of the scholastic diversity at Saint Stephen's, The View (PDF) contains articles of all natures, from social commentaries and movie reviews to literary analyses and cultural discussions. Thus far, The View (PDF) has featured languages such as French, Latin, Mandarin, Spanish, Lithuanian, and Japanese. The 2014-15 edition was awarded a Gold Medal by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association.


Available in PDF or EPUB format