Upper School Advanced Placement Program

High School Advanced Placement Program. 10th Grade AP, 11th Grade AP and 12 Grade AP.Saint Stephen's is proud to offer an Advanced Placement (AP) program for students in grades 10,11 and 12. The 18 AP classes at Saint Stephen's are small classes taught by experienced and trained teachers, eager to challenge and engage our students in areas ranging from English and math, to foreign language, history, science, and art.


What do these AP numbers show?

Of the students who participate in the AP program, 100% are required to take the exam written by the College Board in May. Advanced Placement classes receive no more or no less attention by our faculty and administration than other classes during the school year. Many colleges and universities will use AP test scores either to grant credit for incoming first-year students or to place those students in the appropriate level course. Because of their scores, over three-fourths of the graduating class has the opportunity to participate in advanced classes in of college.


Students enroll in the AP program via an application process in the spring which examines the student's interests and academic plans. Approximately 80% of Saint Stephen's Upper School students participate in the AP program during their high school career.


Advanced placement courses offered

(Note: not all courses are offered every year)

  • Art History

  • Biology

  • Calculus AB

  • Calculus BC

  • Chemistry

  • Computer Science

  • Environmental Science

  • European History

  • French Language

  • Language and Composition

  • Latin (Vergil)

  • Literature and Composition

  • Physics C

  • Spanish Language

  • Spanish Literature

  • Studio Art - Drawing, 2D Design and 3D Design

  • United States History

  • World History

STUDENTS' SCORING2013201420152016 2017
FIVE 28% 29% 35% 36% 41%
FOUR 30% 30% 29% 29% 28%
THREE 27% 25% 27% 24% 22%
TWO 10% 10% 4% 10%  6%
ONE 5% 5% 5% 1% 3%
SCORE OF 3 OR BETTER 85% 84% 91% 89% 91%
TOTAL NUMBER OF EXAMS 270 242 254 271 280