Upper School Interim Quest

High School students at Interim QuestThe mission of Interim Quest is to enhance and enrich the experience of Saint Stephen’s Upper School students by promoting learning and growth beyond the classroom.


The Upper School Interim Quest curriculum seeks to provide an immersive and interactive environment which values curiosity, creativity, independence, ethical decision-making, an appreciation of the environment, and cultural awareness.


Interim Quest is a one-week program at the end of the second semester.  Students have the opportunity to sign up for one intensive, full-day course or up to three focused, two-hour courses, exploring areas of interest and curiosity.


The IQ program is an essential part of the Saint Stephen’s Upper School experience. In order to graduate from Saint Stephen’s, a student must complete the Interim Quest curriculum for each year that he/she is a student at the school and receive a passing grade in the courses taken.  In order to maximize the breadth of a student’s experience during their four years in the Upper School, a student must complete courses in several of the five different categories of courses:


  1. Externship (11th and 12th grade; open to 9th and 10th grade with approval)
    provides the opportunity to explore various interests, passions and curiosities and to gain greater knowledge about a career through a focused, hands-on, week-long externship
  2. Service Learning
    emphasizes community/global awareness and teamwork skills through service opportunities both at home and abroad (hours earned during IQ may be applied to the Community Service graduation requirement)
  3. Outdoor Adventure/Experiential Learning
    provides hands-on activities to solve problems, connect to nature, and take personal responsibility while building leadership and individual initiative skills
  4. Interdisciplinary /Focused Study and Life Skills
    explores topics of interest outside the scope of the school’s curriculum, taking advantage of specialized interests of faculty or other members of the larger community

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