Middle School

Seventh and eighth grade students in the Middle School at Saint Stephen’s enjoy an exciting, challenging, hands-on curriculum in each of their academic subjects (English, math, social studies, science, and Latin, Spanish or Mandarin). Students have a comprehensive list of innovation opportunities including music, art, drama, media production, and technology / design.  Our Wall of American History provides a hands-on learning tool which we share with the entire community.

The faculty is a cohesive team of experienced educators who understand, with equal passion, the subject matter they teach and the students they mentor.  These caring teachers prepare the students for the challenges of the upper grades, college, and beyond.  Each student has an academic advisor who monitors the student’s academic performance and progress.  


Classes are small so that each student has the opportunity to speak and be heard.  Teachers adapt their lessons to the learning styles of the students so that each may learn to their highest potential.

We are proud of our “green” LEED certified Sunlight building.  Our students are actively engaged in caring for the building and learning about safeguarding the environment. They participate in the school’s recycling program.

The Middle School is a safe community where differences are respected and successes celebrated. Saint Stephen’s Middle School students learn the importance of giving back to the world around them by devoting nine school days each school year to community service in a variety of settings. Some groups of students work with the elderly. Some assist teachers in local elementary schools and day-care centers. Others organize food for Meals on Wheels or package seeds to be sent to third-world nations.  Groups also work in the fields at a nearby community farm and at a local park.  We sponsor an annual arts day on our campus for a group of preschool students.

Weekly internet transmissions with students in other countries are a part of the school’s Global Initiative.  Saint Stephen’s Middle School is committed to guiding our students toward becoming knowledgeable, responsible, respectful global citizens.


Middle Achool students participating in a STEAM project

STEAM at Saint Stephen's

Students in the Journalism and Videography class use technology applications to collect information, edit, and publish. Students in 7th and 8th grade participate in design challenges and complete experiments using their iPads, lasers, fiber optics and Vernier probes to explore science topics. Students in the Technology and Design class explore engineering fields and topics including coding, design and construction.
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