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This Crew’s For You! High School Prep Sport is
up and Coming


Watching a racing shell smoothly gliding through the bay waters belies the many hours of training and teamwork that go into being part of a crew. But the exhilaration of gracefully powering through the water in perfect synchrony clearly must be well worth the effort; crew is a tremendously popular sport and growing every day with both Sarasota and Manatee county boys’ and girls’ public and private high school teams competing. One of the country’s premier rowing sites, the Nathan Benderson Rowing Park, is nearby in Lakewood Ranch.


Currently, more than a dozen Saint Stephen’s students from Middle School through the Upper School are fulfilling their athletic requirements as members of the Sarasota Crew team. By spring, 2016 the School plans to launch its first team from the waters of McLewis Bayou directly behind the School and leading into the Manatee River.


In time, a boat house, coach and multiple boats and teams are envisioned for Falcons who want to fly on the water and develop the skills attractive to the hundreds of collegiate teams throughout the country.


Leadership, communication, strength and endurance training, and precision teamwork are stressed in training for crew with the athletes traveling as a team and participating in regattas throughout the state. Saint Stephen’s students train and travel with Sarasota Crew members five days a week, with the School providing bus transportation to the Spanish Point training facility on Little Sarasota Bay in Osprey.


For boys’ or girls’ sports, the Falcon Crew can be for you!

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