Saint Stephen's student's engaged in athletics

Fall Sports


With our newly opened Moore Athltic Complex at Turner Fields and enthusiastic Falcon fans, beginning the school year with our Fall sports season is always a highlight for us. Whether in our 'newest classroom', our physical education classes, or in one of our many Fall sports, our students enjoy a true balance of athletics and academics.


Here at Saint Stephen’s, all are welcomed into the variety of sports we have to offer.  Whether it’s a cross country pursuit, a first step into golf, varsity swimming and diving or participating in football, students who want to participate can participate in the strong teams we build.


Saint Stephen's Volleyball teamFrom 6th grade year forward, students choose from cheerleading, cross-country, football, golf, volleyball, swimming and diving, groups based on building the fundamentals and developing skills, teamwork and ultimately winning teams.


Working from our Four Pillars' philosophy, athletics at Saint Stephen’s build more than strong bodies, we help our students become the leaders, thinkers and doers who excel as individuals as they work with their teammates to accomplish goals and master skills. Learning these fundamentals not only powers our athletic teams but ultimately empowers our students for life.

Athletics Guide (PDF)
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