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Winter Sports


Welcome to Winter Sports at Saint Stephen’s!

Saint Stephen's Soccer playerWith the academic year well underway, Saint Stephen’s winter sports season offers students the chance to join in with the school community, whether on a team or in the stands for sports ranging from boys and girls basketball to cheer; boys and girls soccer to wrestling.


Our regional competition is tough, but our teams have consistently risen to the challenge, winning titles and earning the respect of competitors statewide.


Students are supported as individuals, and encouraged to play in the true spirit of the game, with grace and presence, leadership and courage.  We see our sports environment, indoors or out, as an extension of the classroom; the lessons learned on the field, court or gym as valuable as those taught in class.  While winning is important, ‘win at all costs’ is not.


With coaching founded on our four pillars – Leadership, Scholarship, Integrity, and Service – our winter sports teams have become powerhouses in their own rights. These teams are both winning games and developing individual talents who have made their presence known in the region and indeed in the state and who have gone on to play their sports in college and beyond.

Athletics Guide (PDF)
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