Saint Stephen's student's engaged in athletics

Physical Education


PE teacher and studentAthletics and physical education are integral elements of Saint Stephen’s curriculum.  Students learn critical coordination skills while they gain a basic understanding of teamwork and sportsmanship across a cross section of athletic pursuits throughout their years with us.


While over 75% of our eligible students participate in athletics, all of our students are involved in an active physical education program in which we lay the foundation and knowledge of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.  Eating right and being fit are key components to success in the classroom and in life.


Students carrying golf clubsSaint Stephen’s students are privy to the depth and leadership of a highly respected athletic department.  We look at all of our children as individuals and encourage their growth as they pursue all athletic and academic endeavors.


PK3 – 3rd Grade:  Getting to Know Me – Classes are designed for the kids to get to know their bodies and what they are capable of doing.  Some key learning points at this age include; knowing your personal space and respecting other’s personal space, locomotor vs. non-locomotor movement, throwing and catching, and running under control.


4th – 5th Grade:  Exploring Individual & Team Sports – At this age we introduce team and individual sports to our students.  Key themes at this time include working with teammates, sportsmanship, and skill development.  Lesson plans have been written in conjunction with our varsity head coaches so our students will be well versed in the sports when they begin interscholastic competition.


6th – 8th Grade:  Fitness For Life – Here the education for a healthy lifestyle really heats up.  Individual ‘life’ sports are the emphasis as well as nutrition education. The emphasis will be geared to those students who may not choose to play a sport to give them the tools they need to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Athletics Guide (PDF)
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