Intermediate School Aftercare


We are pleased to announce the continuation of the Intermediate School Aftercare Program or STARS.  This program is housed in the Intermediate School and is supervised by Ms. Mandel, Ms. Nixon, and Ms. Sinphay from 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm.  In the STARS program, students have playtime, a snack, and a quiet period to do homework with the added benefit of Ms. Mandel, Ms. Nixon and Ms. Sinphay to monitor and guide them.  We hope many students will take advantage of this successful program.  Students who may have after-school activities are also welcome to attend STARS for a short period of time. Due to an increase in food allergies, we are asking parents to provide students with their own nut-free after school snacks.


The STARS program begins the first full day of school, Tuesday, August 16.  Participating students report to the STARS classroom at the 3:00 pm dismissal time. 


For the safety of students not picked up by 3:10 pm, attending STARS is automatic.


Medical and personal information will be accessed from the school resource card.



For the first thirty minutes, the fee is $5.00; from 31-60 minutes - $10.00; more than 60 minutes - $17.00.  For every five minutes past 5:30 pm, the fee is $5.00.


Pickup of Students:
Since a security fence is in place in front of the Immediate School, parents must park at the Campus Center and walk to the Intermediate School.  Late bus will be available for 4th and 5th grade students who are accompanied by an older sibling.


Important Dates: 
The STARS aftercare program is not available on the following afternoons:


There will be no S.T.A.R.S. on the following dates:

  • Friday, Nov 17 - Grandparent's Day/Thanksgiving Break
  • Friday, Dec 15 - Holiday Break


Cell Phone Number to reach the supervising teacher in STARS: 


You may reach the teachers directly at:
            Ms. Mandel’s room 746-2121 ext. 1506
            Ms. Nixon’s room 746-2121 ext. 1255
            Ms. Sinphay’s room 746-2121 ext. 1515
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