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Prepaid Cashless Campus Card – Overview and FAQ


What is the Campus Card?

  1. Flexibility – may be used for food purchases
  2. User-friendly – easy to use for both parents and students
  3. Reporting – allows parents to review purchases for previous 30 days
  4. Teaching Tool – Assists in educating students about financial responsibility
  5. Online account – secure access for checking balance, transactions and loading funds
  1. Enroll and assign a student to their prepaid account; they can assign multiple students
  2. Pre-order student meals
  3. View the account balance
  4. Set low-balance email notifications
  5. View purchase history, including food items purchased
  6. Make deposits to account; receive an email notification confirming payment
  7. Transfer funds between students


Convenient and Informative for Parents

Parents can make online payments with a check or bank card at their convenience – anytime, anywhere.

  1. Quick, easy and secure
  2. Eliminate worry – Parents don’t have to give cash or checks to students anymore, and they can receive email notification when the balance is low.
  3. Eliminate wonder – Parents can view purchase history and monitor food choices, opening the door for discussion regarding health and nutrition.
  4. Flexible – Split payments among multiple students without creating separate accounts.


Safe and Easy for Students

  1. Make purchases on-campus from prepaid account
  2. Lost or stolen lunch money becomes an obsolete issue
  3. Students never have to worry about lunch money again!
  4. Students are no longer responsible for handling checks or cash


Account Updates

The prepaid account updates nightly to reconcile internet deposits and on-campus purchases. Parents can see that the deposit has been made to the account in real-time. It takes up to 24 hours for purchases to appear online.



There are fees associated with each transaction that are paid by parents; a transaction is defined as a payment online. Funding fees are a flat fee of $2.00 for e-checks (ACH) and 6% for bank cards; in order to minimize expenses, we recommend that parents load larger amounts less often using e-checks (ACH) and reserve bank card loads for emergencies.


Frequently Asked Questions

Personal information is being requested, how is this used?

All information provided is used only to support the prepaid campus card account.


My student will get a PIN number; how will the PIN number work?

Student purchases at the lunch Limo require the student to authenticate using their PIN number; In addition the cashier’s screen shows a picture of the student matching the PIN number. Biometrics finger imprint identification will also be used to receive per-ordered lunches.


What happens if account is not loaded on a timely basis?

System will affect an automatic “overdraft” of at least several meals before declining service ($25 maximum); Parents must “replenish” account as directed in instructions. Emails are sent for a low balance and negative balances.


Can my student get lunch if there is no more money in account?

System allows an “overdraft” of several meals before declining service. (Up to $25).


What happens when a student uses an account that is not theirs?

There will be protocol to determine if disciplinary action is required. In addition the system will present a photo of the student for the cashier to verify.



A cashless campus is more convenient, safe, and efficient.

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