Middle School Dress Code


In order to maintain an atmosphere conducive to our educational purpose, our Dress Code requires appropriateness, neatness, and modesty. All clothing should fit properly. Any student whose attire or appearance does not meet the expectations of the Middle School faculty and administration will not be permitted to attend class until he or she complies with the Dress Code.


Daily Dress Code

    Shirts: Must be loose fitting and of length to allow to remain tucked in.

  • Oxford-style shirts with button-down collars (Your choice of color or pattern)
  • Polo style shirts with sleeves, collars and buttons (Your choice of color or pattern).
    Pants/Shorts/Capris/Skirts: All must be loose fitting and worn at waist.
  • Navy, khaki, or black long pants with belt loops.
  • Navy, khaki, or black Bermuda–length shorts, capris, or skirts (knee-length or longer).
  • Belts must be worn.
  • Saint Stephen’s or College Sweatshirts may be worn over collared shirts (Sweatshirts can only have appropriate college logos or the Saint Stephen’s logo).
  • Saint Stephen’s team shirts may be worn on game days only.
  • Science students are required to wear long pants and shoes that have closed-heels and closed-toes on lab days.
    NOT Permitted:
  • Hoodies
  • Jeans
  • Leggings and/or jeggings (Unless worn with a skirt)
  • Athletic or jogging pants.
  • Torn or frayed clothing
  • Beach shoes, athletic slides, or flip flops
  • Distracting hair styles
  • Hair color must be natural and appropriate
  • Visible undergarments
  • Distracting jewelry
  • Hats, sweatbands, or sunglasses are not permitted in buildings.


Parents: Please be sure that your child is dressed in accordance with the dress code. If students are not dressed appropriately the student will not be able to attend class and you will be notified.

Professional Dress Days
The only professional dress day will be Closing at the end of the year. Students should adhere to the daily dress code all other days. During the year, specific days will be set aside for students to wear jeans and other casual clothes.


Professional Dress Days: Periodically, students will be asked to dress up for
special occasions. Professional dress is defined as clothing that is appropriate
for a college/ scholarship/job interview or other important professional event. In
general, dress-up clothes need to be consistent with professional attire, rather
than evening/party wear. Students and families will be informed of the occasions
in advance. On these days:

  • Boys are expected to wear dress pants, dress belt, dress shirt, tie, dress
    socks and dress shoes. Business jackets or blazers are recommended
    but not required.
  • Girls are expected to wear a dress suit, modest dress or a professional
    skirt or dress pants with a blouse. Hemlines should follow dress code
    guidelines (no more than four inches above the top of the knee cap when
    measured while standing). Shoulders and chest must be completely
    covered. A cardigan sweater or blazer must be worn over any bare
    shoulder top.
  • Rompers (one piece shorts outfits or similar, whether dress or casual) are
    not acceptable.

Spirit Days

Fridays are Spirit Days in the Middle School. Students are encouraged to wear their spirit t-shirt. All other components of the dress code remain intact.

Physical Education
Students who participate in the physical education program should dress appropriately. Saint Stephen's shorts and Saint Stephen's T-shirts with school logo are available for purchase at Children’s World in Sarasota. Athletic socks are to be worn with appropriate athletic footwear with rubber soles. Platform shoes, street shoes, or hiking shoes/boots may not be worn.


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