Technology Class Projects

Tech interns running Battle Bots

Battle Bots 2015

The 2014/2015 Technology Internship Class created foam based radio controlled "Battle Bots" and had a spectacular battle to the finish. Students from all grades attended the competition, with plenty of ooh's and aah's. Each team had to create a wheeled or hover craft with no more than one "active" weapon and one "passive" weapon. Tim and Alex had a very effective weapon that sliced and diced the air cushion skirts on their competitor's bots. Ben and Pierce deployed a grappling hook with a string attached that fouled the fans and wheels of the competition. Others employed battering rams and pointy spears to inflict damage. In the end, the competitors learned about S.T.E.A.M. and physics, and the attendees just had a blast!see the video



Private School High School Technology

Tech Interns Glider Competition 2015

The Saint Stephen's Episcopal School Technology Internship Class members competed in a glider build & fly competition to see who could fly the longest and land the closest to the center of the field. The gliders are made mostly of foam and were limited to 36" wingspans. Students had to submit a design proposal, then build their entries in a fairly short period of time. Test flights and tweaking ensued. They learned about the physics of flight, construction techniques, and also had a little fun along the way!see the video



Tech interns displaying their Battle Bots

Technology Internship Course - Battle Bots 2014

The Technology Internship class created hover craft designed for battle against similar opponents. The materials list was limited to blue foam, glue, various radio parts, etc. The event offered plenty of entertainment for the student body and faculty. see the video



Tech interns with Battle Bpts - 2012

Technology Internship Course - Battle Bots 2012

The 2012 Technology Internship Class participated in their annual Battle Bots Competition, an exercise in engineering and team building. This year's event was held just before mid-term exams, just in time for having some fun and shedding away some of the stress of year... see the video



Private School Skype with iPads

Students use iPads to Skype with Lugalo

The Honors Biology class used iPads to Skype with the Lugalo School in the Honors Bio class. In the beginning of the period, one lab group explained the 4 major classes of organic macromolecules. Then, different students took the lead at different times to talk about the tests they were running on components of a McDonald's Happy Meal. The Lugalo students were able to see color changes distinctly within the test tubes as well, since the unencumbered iPad allowed the teacher, Mrs. Klein, to get really close to the rack... see the video



Second Grade Skyping

2nd Grade Sharing a Science Lesson with Students in Guilin, China

Second grade students spent one interim skyping weekly with the students in China. This lesson was a continuation of our study of invertebrates. We were presenting to their students on the differences between insects and spiders. Rosie, the tarantula, was our guest visitor to guide us in comparing the anatomy of a spider to what we already learned about insects. The lesson culminated with a Jeopardy game of Insect or Spider?... see the photos and video



Private School Battle Bots

Technology Internship Course - Battle Bots 2011

The Technology Intern Class learned about remote operated vehicles this semester and had an awesome competition at the end, a battle to the death. Each team designed and built their robot using only a limited set of materials, such as foam board, R/C components, hot glue, and assorted mechanical parts. The final battle resulted in much carnage, to the amusement of the student body. The competition occurred right before exams, just when the students needed to have a little fun... see the photos and video


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