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Students Excel at National Latin Forum

LatinSixteen Saint Stephen’s Latin students joined more than 1,600 of their peers from around the country at Indiana University at the end of July for this year’s National Junior Classical League Forum. By the end of the week, Saint Stephen’s student Kassandra Haakman had won a National Championship in Novice Level Certamen, MaryAnn Placheril and Ethan Leuchter had battled to a second place finish at the Advanced level, and Matthew Thomas and his team finished 4th in Intermediate Certamen. In addition, all 16 SSES students earned at least one top 10 finish in the academic or creative competitions that they entered in their division. Leading the 153 member Florida delegation were SSES students MaryAnn Placheril and Alex Siegal who served as president and secretary, respectively. Teachers Tony Haakman, Alice Revard and Geoff Revard led the SSES students as sponsors and chaperones. Special congratulations to Tony who worked weekly with the Novice Certamen team all summer as their coach and notched his first win at the national level.



Student Top 10 Placements:

Carter Beckstein (Level 2): Reading Comprehension (9), Dramatic Interpretation (2), Sight Latin Reading (3), Essay (4)
Graham Beckstein (Level 2): Greek Literature (3), Latin Literature (5), Roman Life and Customs (5)
Jack Berry (Level 4): Classical Greek (6), Greek Literature (8), Mythology (8), Hellenic History (10)
Annie Class (Level 1/2): Ancient Geography (3), Latin Grammar (3), Latin Vocabulary (5), Mottoes, Abbr. and Quotations (5), Latin Derivatives (9)
Emma Craig (Level 1/2): Latin Grammar (6), Latin Vocabulary (10), Mottoes, Abbr. and Quotations (8), Latin Derivatives (10), Graphic Arts (9)
Astrid Culp (Level 2): Ancient Geography (5)
Kassandra Haakman (Level 1): Reading Comprehension (4), Academic Heptathlon (6), Latin Grammar (10), Latin Vocabulary (10), Latin Derivatives (6), Greek Derivatives (6)
Sidney Knowles (Level 2): Roman History (8), Mythology (9)
Ethan Leuchter (Level 5): Roman History (1st high score), Ancient Geography (3), Hellenic History (4), Roman Life and Customs (5), Latin Literature (6)
Colton Melnick (Level 2): Latin Literature (9), Essay (2)
MaryAnn Placheril (Level 4): Latin Vocabulary (2), Reading Comprehension – Poetry (3), Reading Comp. – Prose (3), Latin Grammar (4), Latin Derivatives (6), Mottoes, Abbr. and Quotations (7), Academic Heptathlon (8), Greek Derivatives (9)
Alex Siegal (Level 4): Roman History (6), Ancient Geography (7), Hellenic History (5)
Anusha Singh (Level 1/2): Roman History (1), Greek Derivatives (2), Latin Derivatives (10), Graphic Arts (2)
Matthew Thomas (Level 2): Latin Grammar (1), Reading Comprehension. (1), Sight Latin Reading (1), Latin Vocabulary (2), Academic Heptathlon (5), Latin Derivatives (7), Mottoes, Abbr. and Quotations (7)
Paul Williams (Level 1): Roman Life and Customs (9)
Mikayla Woodard (Level 1): Greek Literature (4), Hellenic History (4), Classical Art (5), Greek Derivatives (9)

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