Aug 24 20

Students Excel on Exams

Our 2020 AP test scores have arrived and Saint Stephen’s students, once again, excelled. Despite the challenge of the virtual environment and significant changes in the test format, SSES test takers achieved passing scores (3-5) on 90% of their Advanced Placement exams. That compares to 32.3% throughout Florida and 23.9% of students nationwide achieving passing scores. Our students took 283 exams in all, one of the highest numbers in school history. In science, math, English, social studies, modern and classical languages, Latin and Spanish literature, SSES scores all ranked at least a point higher than the state average. Students also recorded a 100% pass rate on exams for calculus, world history, European history, and visual arts. Other highlights include:

In English, 41 students took exams, with 91.3% scoring 3 or higher

World history students had an average score of 4.12, 1.2 points higher than the state average

Latin and Spanish literature students all scored 4 or 5, and Latin students scored double the state average

Seventy-one students took science exams and averaged more than a point higher than the Florida average in all areas

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